If you think, like most women in this modern world that the answer to the question “What makes a man fall in love?” is simple; a woman’s beauty or having a hot body, then you will be surprised to find out that you may be wrong in most cases.

What we are talking about here is love, the deepest feeling in the whole world, not just  a meaningless crush or an infatuation a man normally has with some women, like many have with Angelina Jolie for example, or the hottest super model.  What makes a man fall in love or want to fall in love is the thought of the perfect woman, and again, we are not talking about the super model type perfect woman no, we are talking about the perfect woman for him!  And this woman could be anybody in the world…even you, without even having to change anything about you…at least not forever…

Lately women are more independent type of women, that need no help or protection from anybody, and that is fine, but unfortunately (or fortunately?) men will always be men, and they believe in playing their role of providing for their women, and protecting them.  It is in their nature. Now, you don’t have to stop being a strong and independent woman (if you are), all you need to actually do is to make him believe that you are letting him be the protector and provider of a man he was raised to be.  I know that in these modern days, women are just like men in jobs and professional life and many times women are stronger than men in many aspects, that women do everything that a man does as well but in high heel shoes!.  But just make them believe that they are in charge at least until they fall in love, and once he falls for you, just let him love you, don´t be in a defensive mode, be in love mode and he will fall in love.

A man loves a secure woman, one who doesn’t make a scandal or a scene just because another woman said hello to him, men don´t like scenes or drama queens. The other day I read, “If you are going to make a scene, make it porn” funny and totally true.

Do not offend other women in front of your man; do not call them names or the like because that just shows you are not a very nice human being.

Be supportive, that really makes a man fall in love. People in general need a little dose of encouragement in new projects, so be his personal (hottest) cheerleader. They need someone who confirms to them that they are amazing and interesting. Similar to when girls ask; “Do I look fat in this dress?” The girl will normally know the answer but she just needs someone to confirm her that she is beautiful.  Well men are the same in that sense.

Don´t say yes to everything, express your own opinion, men fall in love with women that can think for themselves, and however, what they hate are women who want to have the reason in every single matter. Express your ideas, opinion or beliefs without the drama and don´t try to be the smarty all the time. Ladies, need to accept this fact that you will not always be right, sorry!

You don´t need to change your personality, just moderate your actions in order to your man fall in love with you. If you have to make major changes for him to like you, then maybe he is not the right man for you.

And to finish it up, I will share with you a little personal experience; the other day a friend asked to her boyfriend: How do you manage to be so perfect? …You won´t believe what his answer was, he said: “because I am with the perfect woman”. Obviously they were not “perfect” but the point is that they were perfect for each other and as a couple they make it work for the best and that makes him fall in love even more with her.