Americans Should Be Allowed To Have Guns To Protect Themselves – But Why?

Not long ago, there were a string of home burglaries near me, just down the street in fact. On one occasion, the police were called, they caught one of the burglars cuffed and stuffed him in the car, then started looking for the next two who were also reported in cahoots. A neighbor had called and the police responded quickly, but the home backed up to the golf course so of course, the suspects fled making it hard to catch them. Turns out the burglar they caught broke out of the police car and took off running too, thus, they had no suspects – so much for good police procedures.

Another sheriff’s car on the way to assist the already now, two cars and three police personal on the scene flipped rounding a corner on the way up the hill, again, not so much help upside-down, a K-9 unit to boot, the dog they needed to run down the suspects now trapped in the car – not good. Then the helicopter with infrared was out looking for hot spots in the trees near the golf course. They spotted him and eventually arrested him, and about 3-hours later luckily they caught the other suspect who had gotten away and ran from the police car.

The third suspect is still at large – but where did he go? Did he run into another home? Did he have a gun? Is he out breaking into another home somewhere else this very evening? At some point one has to ask why citizens shouldn’t have guns if the criminals do, or why citizens cannot protect themselves when the cops can’t seem to get the job done. No, I didn’t say it was an easy job, policing certainly isn’t, but if it isn’t why can’t I be allowed to protect myself and why do politicians suggest we should have our guns taken away and only the police or government be allowed to have them?

The criminals will not stop carrying their guns, nor will they stop doing crimes – nor will terrorists stop their endeavors – they will continue whether we have guns or not. For instance; the terrorist attacks in France with some of the harshest gun laws.

How can we trust our government to protect us, especially at a time when they are continually encroaching on our rights? It’s like they don’t trust us, and we already know we cannot trust them. We cannot trust them to protect us, not nationally, not locally (at least not in my neighborhood – very upscale by the way). Think on this.

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