Pro Se Primer 101

Judge: [responding to a Borrower]

Mr. Borrower, at Cornell University they have an remarkable piece of scientific gear recognized as the Tunneling Electron Microscope. Now, this microscope is so strong that by firing electrons you can truly see pictures of the atom, the infinitesimally minute developing blocks of our universe. Mr. Borrower, if I have been utilizing that microscope suitable now, I nevertheless would not be capable to find my interest in your challenge.

The Frasier Television series.

Does “The Safety Instrument” even sound like aspect of your residence loan? If you go to court your Pretender/Lender is going to claim that you signed it with your eyes wide open. What the heck is it then, suitable? Nicely it is the important piece in Each and every SINGLE ILLEGAL FORECLOSURE given that the middle 1990s.

In the initially “Pro se Primer 101 of Terms You Will need to Know to Fight Illegal Foreclosures, which can be located which can be located on this internet site, I described the partnership of the “Necessary” document (instrument actually, but this is a Primer 101) which is the Promissory Note and how it represents the debt that you owe.

You allegedly signed each the Promissory Note and the Safety Instrument (mortgage or deed of trust) at your closing. But I am positive 99% of my readers did not know which document it was and if they saw it once more they would not recognize it as theirs.

But, this Safety Instrument is the only document utilized by these genius attorneys on behalf of the Fictitious Payee (true legal term) to throw you and your loved ones into the streets. They utilized it to foreclose on borrowers and not only is that illegal it is unbelievably stupid. But, it has worked against unsuspecting borrowers around 20 million instances.

You see, what the Safety Instrument is intended to do is stick to your Promissory Note about and it is the rule book for your loan. It describes your loan. It describes that the Promissory Note and it is the only proof that you even received a loan. It describes what takes place if you spend off your loan and it describes what all the parties can and can not do if you are unable to spend off your loan.

But, it is not the proof that the foreclosing celebration owns your Promissory Note. It has no worth and can not transfer ownership of your loan (Promissory Note).

Nonetheless the only claim that I have ever observed by these “foreclosing Parties” is that they have been assigned the Safety Instrument and that signifies they can take your property.

That is not accurate. But almost each foreclosure in the final 20 years was performed by invoking the assignment of the Safety Instrument.

But, let's go back to the 1st Pro Se Primer 101 and the word “mortgage”. We talked about it obtaining two definitions or meanings, but that is not lawfully accurate. The word “mortgage” is fundamentally a slang term for “Property Loan” for citizens in all 50 states and D.C. and some of these semi-state islands. For you folks in Judicial Foreclosure states, this signifies you can only be foreclosed on by the by the celebration who genuinely has a legally valid interest in the house and going to the correct court and filing a foreclosure lawsuit. Judicial foreclosure is considerably far better for the Borrower.

But Judicial Foreclosure states they get in touch with the Safety Instrument in their states a mortgage. So you people living in these states have a residence loan which consists of the Promissory Note and a mortgage. Of, course this is confusing.

Now, I am going to confuse you even additional. The Safety Instrument in Non-Judicial states is known as a Deed of Trust.

I will not be capable to straighten all of this out in this a single Primer. You see, the phrase “Deed of Trust” has two out of 3 words that will be the topic of how it all functions and how it does not all exercise.

Let's speak about the word deed. Lots to confuse you there. The word Trust has 3 distinctive which means. You can see it coming from everywhere there. I will get to these suitable away. I know you are curious.

So, take this from this report, the Promissory Note is necessary and the mortgage or Deed of Trust are incidental. Foreclosing “below the mortgage” only signifies the mortgage was just utilized as the rule book. You foreclose on the Promissory Note.

This could possibly support. I say it all the time.

'When you make a property payment, you are not paying off your property, as we say. When you make a property payment, what you are actually carrying out is buying back your Promissory Note that was signed by you.

But, it really is the judges that are having fooled. The “assignment of a mortgage” sounds like the assignment of a residence loan, but IT IS NOT. In truth you can not assign the mortgage. It belongs to the Promissory Note. So, the assignment of a mortgage does not do something for the reason that the Promissory Note does not stick to a mortgage ( safety instrument). But a mortgage usually follows the Promissory Note.

I guarantee you I am suitable. If you have been foreclosed immediately after 1995 there was no true Promissory Note anyplace and your foreclosure was primarily based on the assignment of a mortgage in Judicial States. Not for the reason that that is legal. It is, in truth, not legal at all. It just can not be performed.

OK, you ask me, then how did it come about? Nicely, I have attempted to retain my faith in the integrity of our American Courts, but I was a fool.

The majority of the judges in America either (1) by no means study the laws regarding loaning dollars, (two) Are also stupid (pardon me, but there is no other way to say it) to have an understanding of fundamental American law even if they study it, or (three) Are prejudiced and biased and the attorneys of this nation (which each a single knows is a cult like the a single Kevin Bacon's character Ryan Hardy fights in “The Following) will not challenge the judges when they are incorrect. So, go study all the law you want. Get in touch with me, like my customers do and inform me you located some a lot more superior law you want to show me.

Our laws are not poor and my customers are not duped. It is, beyond a doubt, the pretty players that we trust and that we really should be capable to trust, and we can not trust that have displaced twenty million American households turning them into basically refugees. If there are about three folks typical in each loved ones, The that is 60 million American refugees. Extra than all of the difficulty spots of the planet place collectively. It is nevertheless taking place.

If evil triumphs only when superior males do practically nothing, what are you going to do?


Connecticut, Delaware, Florida. Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana,

Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York,

North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota,

Vermont, Wisconsin

Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wisconsin have non-judicial foreclosure provisions in their state laws nonetheless, judicial foreclosure lawsuits are prevalent


Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, California, Colorado,

District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi,

Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee,

Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming

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