The Video PDF

PDFs are ubiquitous and have been with us for years. What a lot of men and women never comprehend, even though, is that video can be embedded inside them. This is a good concept, but it is not without the need of its pitfalls. There are some rather severe compatibility troubles to take into account. If you can handle exactly where the files will be played back (for instance, it is for internal use inside a enterprise and you know that the IT division has a particular version of Adobe Acrobat Player installed on all of the machines), then it could be a severe solution. If, having said that, you are just going to encode some video in a PDF and then release it to the public…nicely, be ready to waste a lot of time on consumer assistance. There will be a lot of men and women calling up complaining that the PDF will not open, or the video will not play back, and so on. and so on., which is not enjoyable.

It is been doable to embed video in a PDF for a when now, but till not too long ago it usually needed that an external player also be installed on the user's personal computer. Universal playback was far from particular due to a entire host of troubles from distinct video formats, systems and application versions. The most up-to-date version of Adobe Acrobat Pro, having said that, permits you to embed flash video inside a PDF, which will play back without the need of possessing to be concerned about irrespective of whether or not a precise player is installed on that personal computer. While this is a marked improvement, the technique is far from fantastic. There are nevertheless a lot of techniques for your video not to play back. For instance, the user has to view the PDF with a version of Adobe Acrobat Reader that supports the video playback functionality. If you encoded one thing with Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 and the user tries to play back that file with an old version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, the file may possibly not play back. Also, if an individual makes use of an additional PDF viewer (like Preview on the Mac, for instance), the video will not play back there either.

If an individual just purchased their personal computer two months ago and the most up-to-date version of Adobe Acrobat Reader is currently on their personal computer, then it is not a trouble – but if it is a “non technical” user, then one thing as easy as upgrading their version of Adobe Acrobat Reader can be difficult – which signifies that they can not view your video content material – and if it is a solution you have charged for, it will possibly outcome in a return and/or complaint.

The point is, never assume you are going to place video into a PDF and under no circumstances have a trouble or challenge with it (theoretically, it is doable, but virtually speaking, it is unlikely). If you do determine to attempt this as an information solution, my most effective guidance is to be painfully clear with prospective purchasers. Post a clear warning letting men and women know that they Should view the PDF utilizing what ever version of Adobe Acrobat Reader you specify if they want to see the embedded video. This ought to take care of most of the troubles, but there will just about undoubtedly be an individual who did not study your warning (or is a tiny slow) who will give you challenges.

If you do determine to encode video in a PDF, here's how you do it, and some of the troubles and variables to be conscious of…

Initially of all, in order to be in a position to develop a PDF with video, you will want a copy of Adobe Acrobat Pro. Even if you have Adobe Acrobat (that is the complete version of the Adobe Acrobat plan and not Acrobat Reader), you will want to upgrade to the “Pro” version for the video embedding functionality. I suggest operating with version 9 or larger.

Second, though you can embed “legacy multimedia content material” (in other words, alternate video formats), going with Flash is going to be your most effective bet (unless you definitely have to use a particular format for a precise cause). Flash will play back from inside the PDF without the need of possessing to be concerned about added (external) players. This signifies the video has been encoded as Flash and will have.SWF or.FLV as the file name extension.

The way you embed video is: open your PDF (from inside Adobe Acrobat Pro), go to Tools > Sophisticated Editing and choose the Film Tool. Use the tool to draw (drag) a box exactly where you want to place your film. A dialog box will seem asking you exactly where the film file is situated and providing you various selections. Note that you can select to embed video or have it streaming from someplace on the World wide web. The benefit to streaming is that you can retain your PDF file size down, considering the fact that the video is coming from someplace else – and you can update the content material anytime, but the disadvantage is that they will not be in a position to see the video without the need of an active World wide web connection, which can be inconvenient. Also, if they have a slow connection, the video may possibly play back quite poorly or not at all. It is up to you to weigh the pros and cons to see which solution performs most effective for your circumstance.

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